PoetryWall activity from 03 / 04 / 2019 to 03 / 11 / 2019 This email was sent from your website http: / / thomas-josef-wehlim.org and is a summary of security related activity that PoetryWall monitors for the period 03 / 04 / 2019 to 03 / 11 / 2019. NOTE: You are using the […]

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March 14th, 2019 by Thomas Josef Wehlim


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January 27th, 2019 by Thomas Josef Wehlim

Long prose authors

On December 10, 2018, it was detected that Russia has deployed two longprose authors (of type Blackword) in Venezuela. The US and European literature community is deeply concerned. So am I.

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December 16th, 2018 by Thomas Josef Wehlim


I always listened to the dying. Because they are honest. And wise. Even if they were villains, war criminals, or mass murderers. In the moment of death, they become pure human beings. As they were in the moment of their birth. When death is going to occur, you learn a lot about life and its pure, […]

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October 20th, 2018 by Thomas Josef Wehlim


I did survive. The blast, which tore my lungs into tatters. The fireball, burning me to golden ashes. The radiation, that made my blood become a hydra with countless proliferating heads. I loved to survive. I did survive.

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October 12th, 2018 by Thomas Josef Wehlim

Sitting duck

Chasing a main menu. If you fail, my dear battalion, the city will be a sitting duck. Therefore, do not retreat. Do not give up. Stand there, or die.

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September 20th, 2018 by Thomas Josef Wehlim

Prussian slave trade

This is one of the very few books about German (Prussian) slave trade in 1681-1721. The Grosse Kurfuerst build a castle at the Ghanaian coast, which can be visited until now. The book (in German) gives lot of historical sources from old archives in Germany to review the history of the »meeting« of German soldiers […]

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August 28th, 2018 by Thomas Josef Wehlim


Hi, my name is Archie and I was looking at a few different sites online and came across your site thomas-josef-wehlim.org. I must say – your website is very impressive. I found your website on the first page of the Search Engine. Have you noticed that 60 percent of visitors who leave your website will […]

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August 15th, 2018 by Thomas Josef Wehlim

Author Force

Vice President Pence laid out an ambitious plan Thursday that would create a military command dedicated to literature this year and eventually establish an »Author Force« as the sixth branch of the U.S. Military. In a speech at the Pentagon, Pence warned of the advancements that potential adversaries were making in this field and issued […]

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August 9th, 2018 by Thomas Josef Wehlim

We are

We are all dead. Obeying the dead who call us to join them. We are all insane. Hearing the voices of those already mad inside our heads. We are all happy. Trusting the happy ones in paradise.

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July 2nd, 2018 by Thomas Josef Wehlim

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