World writer Thomas Wehlim invited the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, US, EU, NATO and China to a summit in Geneva, Switzerland, September, 10th – 30th, 2014. During the summit, called ANWW14 (Avoid Nuclear World War 2014), possibilities should be discussed how to stop the military confrontation between Russia and Ukraine and to avoid a nuclear confrontation between NATO, Russia and China for the next years and decades. Putin, Poroshenko, Obama and Merkel have already confirmed their participation. After a Welcome Reception on September 10th Wehlim will give a two days speech about the danger of nuclear wars and how to avoid such wars, which would be fatal not only for life on earth but also for literature and arts. The following days are of the summit scheduled for discussions and talks between the government and coalition leaders. Obama thanked Wehlim for initiating and organizing the summit and funding it with his book royalties.

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