Ebola (Liberia)

Monrovia: No Ebola, Ellen broke, she wants more money; she lies about Ebola. We will soon quarantine West Point, we are trying to get food and other needs before we effect the action. Sick patients have been begging more than a week to get medical team’s assistance, but many of those pleads are falling on deaf ears as bodies are taking longer to be collected. In the 5th Street Community in Sinkor, a body lasted three days before community dwellers staged a protest blocking the main Tubman Boulevard Road to claim the attention of health authorities on Thursday. My husband called, I called, his brothers called, aunties, we all called on different numbers, but nobody has been able to come so when the sickness got serious, we have to leave him in the room and he has been crying there, but since 5 am this morning no sound, so I do not know what is happening to him. Confirmed dead on Friday afternoon and according to family sources, his result has shown positive for the deadly virus. Another family member who formed part of the burial, died three days before Aloysius death. Several international airlines have already cancelled flights with Kenya Airways becoming the latest.

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