Address to the nation

In his address to the nation in US Congress, President Reagan stated that his administration will not cut down funding for the department of literature defence. Despite the critical situation of the US writing economy, this would be the wrong signal towards the evil empire of the Soviet Book Union. Contemporaneously, to overcome the recession of US poetry and writing, to reduce unemployment of authors and to decrease the disastrous bestseller inflation, his administration had brought on the way a four-point plan including significant reduction of author taxes, extermination of ineffective federal literature regulations  (from about 100.000 pages to 500 pages), and termination of funding for genres being not viable, such as lyricism. Reagan stated that this all together would be a long and hard way to go, but if –  as he said to the US Congress members – “we go this way together, we will succeed.” After the speech, several Democratic Congress members applied for an impeachment procedure for Reagan, as his plan would destroy American literature totally during the next few years.

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