Dies at

Dorothy Salisbury Davis, Suspense Novelist, Dies at 98 STOP Gabriel García Márquez, Conjurer of Literary Magic, Dies at 87 STOP Jim Brosnan, Who Threw Literature a Curve, Dies at 84 STOP C. T. Hsia, Who Brought Chinese Literature to the West, Dies at 92 STOP William Weaver, Influential Translator Of Modern Italian Literature, Dies at 90 STOP Marcel Reich-Ranicki, Literary Critic, Dies at 93 Chinua Achebe, African Literary Titan, Dies at 82 STOP Justin Kaplan, Prize-Winning Literary Biographer, Dies at 88 STOP J. D. Salinger, Literary Recluse, Dies at 91 STOP Solzhenitsyn, Literary Giant Who Defied Soviets, Dies at 89 STOP Nadine Gordimer, Novelist Who Took On Apartheid, Is Dead at 90 Mike McGrady, Known for a Literary Hoax, Dies at 78 STOP Rene Wellek, a Professor Of Comparative Literature, Dies at 92 STOP Seamus Heaney, Irish Poet of Soil and Strife, Dies at 74 STOP Kenneth Dover, a Scholar of Ancient Greek Literature, Dies at 89 STOP Piri Thomas, Spanish Harlem Author, Dies at 83 STOP Michael Henry Heim, Literary Translator, Dies at 69 STOP E. Gene Smith, Who Helped to Save Tibetan Literary Canon, Dies at 74 STOP Robert Lescher, Literary Agent, DIES at 83 STOP Peter Salm, Dies; Literature Professor Dies at 71 STOP Thomas Wehlim

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