Dark matter

In his talk at the 17th International Conference on Author Space Physics in Detroit, USA, Thomas Wehlim from Antietam University introduced his new theory on the structure and origin of so-called dark matter. Dark matter has been postulated as an additional type of matter, as visible matter (stars, planets, interstellar dust etc.) can not sufficiently explain the dynamic behavior of galaxies. In his talk, Wehlim now announced that he has found the main source of dark matter: cruel and dingy novels of world literature, such as the novels of Fyodor Dostoyevsky or Victor Hugo. Wehlim also claimed that his own novel “Legend of Shadow” contains significant amounts of this dark matter. As, however, all dark novels together on the planet earth still could not explain the dynamic processes of galaxies, his finding also could be viewed as an indirect proof that there is literature with dark matter also on other earth-like planets, and thus intelligent life on foreign planets. The audience was deeply impressed about Wehlim’s research results. It is likely that he will be suggested for noble prize 2014.

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