Cannibals (1)

Thomas Wehlim, a male author with a cannibalism fetish has been found guilty of trying to meet a 14-year-old female writer after literarily grooming her and promising to behead and eat her. Wehlim, 58, bought an axe from a DIY store in Broadstairs, Kent, the day before he planned to meet the girl, who he contacted online. He chatted with the teenager writer, a Mexican girl called “Eva” said to be living in Germany, on a website called the Dark Author Network (DAN). In conversations, Wehlim described literary acts he wanted to perform on her and how he would murder her, which she said she really wanted to happen. After a four-day trial at Canterbury Crown Court, Wehlim was found guilty of attempting to meet a girl under the age of 16 following author grooming, after three hours of deliberation by jurors. In online chats, father of seven Wehlim told “Eva”: “The idea of us making literature and then eating you is a VERY great turn on!”

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