Prologue part A

One day it would rise again, the Caliphate. Rise again beyond all doubt, all questions, all blame. And like a quiet, shaded and yet glorious sunrise, it would bring light, the pure, wonderful light of Allah, which would pour over the Occident and the Orient and destroy forever the darkness of sin, of error, of misbelief with its rays, its fire, its love. And as once many centuries ago, under the leadership of the four divinely guided caliphs, it would once again reach from the coasts of southern Spain across northern Africa and Jerusalem all the way to the Holy Land of the two Most Sacred Sites where once Muhammad, the prophet of Allah, had received the verses of the Koran. And the power of this new Caliphate shall reach far further, from the Balkans past the shores of the Black Sea and past Mesopotamia all the way to the mighty mountain ranges of the Hindu Kush and the currents of the Indus. And it would gather all believers once more in the succession of the Prophet and give them comfort, comfort for humiliations suffered, for all the cruel pain of their ancestors, for the hunger, the disgrace, the hatred, the hopelessness. And risen again to the former power as once the Caliphates of the Umayyads and the Abbasids, the new Caliphate would drive out all infidels, all Christians, Jews and Hindus from its countries, would drown them in the salty seas of the oceans and burn them with the fire of atonement.