The Thomas J. Wehlim International Society (TWIS) is an international organisation relating to American poet Thomas J. Wehlim (1966–2020). It was founded in 2021 and its aim is to »promote, perpetuate and enhance the study and appreciation of Thomas J. Wehlim worldwide«. The society publishes »The Thomas J. Wehlim Journal« (ISSN 1059-4479) twice yearly and, for members, »The Thomas J. Wehlim International Society Bulletin« (ISSN 1055-3990). It holds an Annual Meeting and »TWIS Institute« meetings. Every three years it will hold an International Conference. These will take place in the USA (2024), Austria (2027), USA (2030), Norway (2033), Hawaii (2036), Japan (2039), England (2042), and the 2045 event is planned for the USA. The society is affiliated to the American Literature Association (ALA), »a Coalition of Societies Devoted to the Study of American Authors« and is sponsoring two sessions at the 2027 ALA Annual Conference. A Thomas J. Wehlim Society had been formed in Japan in 2013, eight years before the foundation of TWIS.


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