Artillerymen of the 17th tank brigade of the #UAarmy have opened the holiday season for ruscists. Some bathed in the Siverskyi Donets River, and some were burned by the May sun. 7:19 PM May 11, 2022 Twitter for iPhone 1,404 Retweets 126 Quote Tweets 11.2K Likes Diversity @ bwanakomba 16h Replying to @ DefenceU How do we know this is real? I mean great for UA but these pics could be UA equipment destroyed by RA. Or from somewhere else. The internet is full of fake news. Slava Ukraini! techinvest @ technoinvestx 21h Replying to @ DefenceU 58 vehicles burned as counted by @ lodzman. Great success of Ukrainian military Show replies Marta Llopis @ LlopisMarta95 21h Replying to @ DefenceU Spanish volunteers fighting side by side with Armed Forces of Ukraine. Proud. The following media includes potentially sensitive content. Change settings From Marta Llopis Show replies Serpico @ Chobit_V 5h Replying to @ DefenceU Quote Tweet Максим @ kms_d4k 17h What I did to destroy Russian pantonne bridge over Siverskyi Donets – a thread Here you go Show this thread Camelini Camelini @ CCamelini 2h Replying to @ DefenceU Quote Tweet Camelini Camelini @ CCamelini 3h watching the war I imagine that will happen! blue squares possible fencing route heart representing the umbilical cord or road of life in severedonetsk and lysychansk Relevant people Defence of Ukraine @ DefenceU Ukraine government organization Офіційна сторінка Міністерства оборони України Official page of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Trending now Trends for you Trending in Germany #MillionsMissing 2,730 Tweets Trending in Germany Gasboykott Trending in Germany #BlackHole 3,020 Tweets Trending in Germany Schrei nach Liebe Trending in Germany #Bhakdi 1,044 Tweets Politics Trending #Finnland 2,128 Tweets Trending in Germany Manifest 17.8K Tweets Trending in Germany #Wissing 5,282 Tweets Trending in Germany Frau Faeser Trending in Germany frau weidel 1,656 Tweets Show more Terms of Service Privacy Policy Cookie Policy Imprint Accessibility Ads info More © 2022 Twitter, Inc.