Today, Thomas Josef Wehlim (TJW) has been arrested by ABI (Author’s Bureau of Investigation). He is accused to have collected millions of author photos illegally from the Internet and other sources in order to blackmail writers in a few decades (e.g. “If you do not pay $100.000, I will show the world how ugly you have been twenty years ago”.) This has been reported by the “New York Times”, citing documents from the collection of Edward Snowden.

The photos detected on TJW’s PC where mainly from the year 2012. A TJW spokeswoman stated Wehlim certainly did not have access to author’s driver licenses or passports. However, the spokeswoman did not comment on whether Wehlim had access to the database of the Writer’s State Department, where images are stored for visa applications, and if he had picked photos from iris scans. TJW dismissed all allegations and stated, he had only collected a few photos of admirable authors to use them in his candle shrines.

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