Never get over it. Interim Ready Consultancy Mentoring Are You Ready Picture Book Scout read Report To Submit? Report By invitation on Core Editor €200 up to 25k €450 up to 25k €150 per 4 n/a €150 plus €SO n/a sentences; €400, 25k sentences; hours for each – SOk; €6 per 1k €400 up to SOk subsequent sentences thereafter sentences; €8 per book 1k sentences thereafter Market €250 up to 25k €450 up to 25k €210 per 4 €450 €210 plus 50 per 1k sentences Editor sentences; €450, sentences; hours for each 225k – 50k; 0 €500, 25k subsequent per lk sentences SOk; €10 per lk title thereafter sentences thereafter Industrial n/a €550 up to 25k; €285 per 4 €450 €285 plus €95 €10 per lk sentences Editor €600, 25k – hours for each SOk; €12 per 1k subsequent title sentences thereafter 4


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