At a press conference in New York Hilton Hotel in 2014, Wehlim solemnly announced that he has founded the International Bestseller Annihilation Association (IBAA) being dedicated to the global fight against bestsellers. Wehlim stated that bestsellers should be annihilated, as they only make the rich more rich and because they poison the souls and bodies of readers with a mixture of porn, kitsch, trash, calendar wisdom, and idiocy. They therefore should be pursued and fought ruthlessly.

Wehlim furthermore announced, that he had – during his long career as a researcher on bestsellers – developed the following comprehensive and effective methods:

  • Comprehensive and effective methods for the identification of bestsellers via specific author and word / sentence patterns (such as “I’m so glad Kate insisted I shave. His hands glide across to my breasts …” Fifty Shades of Grey, p. 134, or “The bread machine. How can such a small machine make such a big noise?” Bread Alone: A Novel)
  • Comprehensive and effective methods  for the annihilation of identified bestsellers
  • Comprehensive and effective methods penal systems for bestselling authors and  publishers.


Wehlim is also the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Criminal Bestsellers & Bestseller Criminology.


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